REALTECH is the leading provider of SAP Business One in New Zealand. Our consulting team is drawn from many industry areas with strong business management experience, allowing us to bring a higher level of understanding and insight to your business. We can help translate industry and business requirements into improved business processes and application solutions to drive efficiencies.

Implementing a business management software solution can be challenging for any business, especially when you have limited resource available and also need to manage ‘business as usual’.

There are many factors to consider when implementing any ERP system. REALTECH has perfected its implementation strategy and process to meet customer needs and can  claim over 100 SAP Business One success stories.

REALTECH utilises a strict implementation methodology which consists of four phases and is backed up by: Formal Documentation, Reporting Protocols, Project Management and Agreed Milestones















All implementations require a formal ‘Design Scope’ exercise. Requirements workshops are conducted with key stakeholders to define project objectives, scope, and schedule. In addition, the relevant business process scenarios are defined. During the design workshops REALTECH utilise the USA principle to enable processes to be automated, whereever possible.

The results gathered during the workshops and culminated in a ‘Design Scope’ or document. This is typically 100 - 150 pages and gives a good understanding on how the SAP Business One system will look, feel and operate.

Project Realisation

The purpose of this phase is build the system and database, followed by implementing all business process requirements based on the Design Scope. Other key focal areas of this phase are conducting integration tests and drawing up end user documentation.

Final Preparation

This phase is used to complete the final preparation (including user and administrator training, system management and cutover activities) to finalise go-live readiness. Upon successful completion of this phase, the SAP Business One system is ready to be used as a productive environment.

Go live and Support

This phase is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to a live production operation. The most important elements include setting up production support, monitoring system transactions, and optimising overall system performance.

All staff are fully qualified and experienced in the systems that they implement and support and Realtech has been supporting SAP users for over fifteen years.

Support can be provided  24 x 7 through a local Support Desk. Realtech aims to make its customers as self-sufficient as possible with regards to ongoing support. An allowance for support is included in the implementation plan, for cutover assistance at go live.

In the first year following go live, it is anticipated that an organisation may need additional hours of general support. The support required is normally determined by how well the customer has undertaken and understood the training and testing phases.

Support is also required at the time of software upgrades. The amount of support required depends upon the frequency and complexity of upgrades along with the willingness of the client to complete significant testing without a lot of assistance from Realtech (apart from training).