Vesper Marine sails through MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) challenges with SAP Business One®






Vesper expanded their product line in response to demand. “Customers asked for more advanced functionality, wi-fi interoperability, multiple display options and even more features,” explains Robbins. “Keep in mind that our WatchMate AIS transponders are not simple units…they contain literally thousands of components and assemblies that we source from suppliers around the globe. Every item is critical. If we are lacking just one part, we can’t ship the unit.”


They quickly realised that their manufacturing and assembly processes couldn’t match their growth. “We had a MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) pain point,” says Robbins, “so we started to look at specialist MRP software. We rely on a global network of suppliers with different currencies and different lead times for deliveries. All of these variables had to be taken into account if we were to be able to keep enough stock on hand to satisfy user demand.”


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