Vector Systems captures global market with SAP Business One and REALTECH





“We’re in a global marketplace dominated by companies with billions of dollars worth of sales,” says Duncan Such, owner, chief- designer, lead-assembler, sales director and finance manager of Vector Systems. “To compete successfully, we have to do everything faster, better and less expensively. We are actually a small business yet, by working efficiently, we can have an impact on the international market. And our financial systems have to be able to keep up.”

“Already the SAP solution saves me at least two days of paperwork on each machine that we’ve built since implementation. This frees up my time for sales and marketing.

“With SAP Business One, we can fast- track the parts ordering process, negotiate the best terms and ensure that we have enough components on hand for the anticipated orders. Plus we can track costs much more efficiently. This is what we wanted from SAP Business One and this is what we have.” - Duncan Such, Vector Systems

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