SAP helps Signwriters Supplies control inventory and maintain growth


Supplying 3,500 product lines to more than 1,300 customers is a big task. Split that task between three offices in different parts of the country and things becomes even more challenging.
"It had got to the stage where, with multiple stock locations, we were pushing the software way beyond what it had ever been designed to do," said Mr Schnauer. "It wasn't too far away from giving up the ghost completely."

“A powerful result for the company has been the ability to expand the core functionality of SAP Business One by utilising the standard tools to capture specific data together with the ability to write customised reports using the query wizard.” - Charles Schnauer, General Manager, Signwriters Supplies

“Now we are up and running we still have the support backing of a very large company which gives you a real sense of security.” - Charles Schnauer, General Manager, Signwriters Supplies

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