Mega Food streamlines processes, increases production and supports future growth with SAP





Three years ago, Mega Food had outgrown its then-current financial system and business model. “We were processing all of our orders, packing slips and invoices by hand,” says Alan Lun, Director of East Tamaki-based Mega Food. “We had so much paper flowing through our office that we were struggling to find the space to stack it, much less process the information. Our focus on high-quality chilled and frozen foods - including chicken, pork, salmon and other products - was proving to be popular with customers. But we had maxed out our capabilities to keep up with demand, much less expand.”

“The combination of SAP Business One and REALTECH had an immediate positive impact on our company. We are able to process orders faster, more accurately and in a format that feeds into all of our other business processes including packing, invoicing and reporting.” - Alan Lun, Director, Mega Food 

“The option for screens in either Chinese or English makes life much easier for us and helps us avoid any challenges that might occur when information becomes ‘lost in translation.’ This has become a major advantage of our SAP Business One solution.” - Alan Lun, Director, Mega Food

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